• What is BRtrax?

    A BRtrax is a one-stop sync agency that unites the best of 2 worlds when we talk about the use of music placement in audiovisual projects:


    • It has the practicality found on royalty-free music libraries, as every music from BRtrax catalog has it's rights 100% cleared.
    • As a sync agency, we care a lot about the quality and authenticity of the music we work with. That's why our catalog is fed  by tracks from record labels, artists and bands, like the ones we hear in Spotify, Deezer, etc, handpicked by our team of music supervisors.


  • How does it works?

    Need music for your audiovisual project?

    You can choose between 2 options:


    Fill out our short online form briefing us about your project and what kind of music do you need. You can also share Youtube links for musical references.


    Our team will take care of the rest: they will handpick the best music that fits your needs and will send you in the same day a selection to test in your project.

    Access the beta version* of our online music search engine specially developed for the audiovisual market.


    There you can search into our musical catalog, download tracks to test in your project (no watermark) and request the license of the tracks you want.


    *This version comprises only a slice of our catalog. To have access to the full catalog, just tell us what you need and we'll search it for you. Soon you will also be able to pay for the licenses online.